About us

CityBiking.net is a local bicycle tour operator based in HUE City, Vietnam. We specialize in bike rental services and tourist transport in Vietnam with the high international quality

CityBiking.net is a website of abstravel.asia which is fully accredited and holds Licence: 330 1340 573 and under the management of Vietnam Administration of Tourism. We act as a travel agent for the licensed tour operator, providing tours and travel services for all tourists to Vietnam

Local daily tours

Our local tour operator focuses on specialized bike expeditions tailored to the needs of the client, from pick-up to drop-off. We try to work with other local partner on sustainable and responsible tourism and provides tourists with an eco-friendly and healthy way to access and support local communities in the stunning countryside of Vietnam

Bike rental service

You can rent our mountain bikes from different cities and leave them also in different cities by booking online. Our staff will deliver our bikes the the foot of your hotels. We try to make it the easiest and most convenient for you. Our bikes are well-maintenanced everyday and during the rental time, you will receive full support from our staff

Please contact us for any more information: [email protected]